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At ByKids4Kids we believe in community connectedness above all else. During this global pandemic, we aspire to keep that connection alive by distributing technology care packages to our community partners -- our goal is to enable learning, literacy, and build virtual reading buddy relationships with our Kindles4Covid program. To learn more about our efforts and to find out how you can help (and join our Zoom-based reading buddy program!) contact us at

Program Details

Upon the start of the program, youth are paired with a Virtual Buddy, they have the option to request someone the same age, older, or younger than themselves. Some groups consist of more than two participants. The Virtual Buddies  collaboratively decide on readings each week and then meet once a week for approximately 30 minutes via Google Meet. All buddies get a facilitator throughout the program and that will personally help facilitate the Buddies’ meetings. Our focus is on strengthening community bonds and to improve literacy. Depending on the age range of each reading pair, the sessions will involve partner reading, tutoring, and social-emotional growth. To make sure all buddies have the same reading material we will provide a Kindle Fire Tablet and/or Kindle E-reader to those that need them. 



  1. To maintain school aged students literacy levels while school is closed.
  2. To encourage peer relationships during this time of social distancing.
  3. To engage young readers through storytelling with a peer using an electronic device that allows easy access to multiple forms and levels of text.
  4. For children to be able to emotionally support each other through the Covid-19 pandemic.

ByKids4Kids is a registered 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. 

EIN: 82-1372016

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