Kids & Kindles

ByKids4Kids in collaboration with Community Action Network of Washtenaw County (CAN),  has designed a program to improve the language and literacy outcomes of first-sixth grade children in Washtenaw County.  Bykids4kids wants to give all children a chance to be successful in life and promote a lifetime of volunteerism and community service.

Reading Buddies

Learning With Smart Technology

Youth volunteers from Bykids4kids in collaboration with YMCA Youth Volunteer Corps will read with kids from CAN's summer camp program. The reading-buddy style program will foster unique friendships, while improving literacy and reading comprehension. The volunteers are local 3rd - 12th grade students.

By using Kindle e-readers, ByKids4Kids will reduce our environmental impact and provide a wide variety of books to dozens of kids. Using Kindle e-readers puts a gadget in a kids hand, while allowing them to read at the same time.

Join the Kindle Kingdom Today

At Bykids4kids we believe if we are to reach real peace in this world it will be through empowering kids to learn from each other. Contact us if you would like more information about volunteering or  learn more about how kids CAN through the Kindle Kingdom Program.